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Global sports event brand Tough Mudder chooses GeoSnapShot

We're very excited to announce that we've been chosen as the exclusive worldwide photography partner for global sporting event brand Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is such a big global participation event, if you haven't done a Tough Mudder event yourself,... Continue Reading →

And now… Face recognition for sports photography!

For years the ability for participants to find photos of themselves from sports events has been painful. Scrolling through thousands of photos is a chore and bib recognition doesn't always work. The holy grail of photo finding has been face recognition. GeoSnapShot is the... Continue Reading →

Need media exposure for your next event but not sure how?

Getting media coverage and publicity can increase participation, better your chances of gaining sponsorships and put your sport in the spotlight!

Driving engagement within your club

Do you find it hard to recruit for players or fill committee positions? Do your club events get minimal attendance or are you having problems securing a sponsor?

A Day in the Life of an Event Organiser – Gridiron NSW

are you a volunteer committee member in charge of promoting your club or event?

Make money this weekend from your photography

I’m going to show you how easy it is to start making money from your photography this weekend. If you follow these 5 steps, I guarantee that you’ll make money, have fun and take your photography to the next level.... Continue Reading →

How do you get people loving your event (and coming back for more)?

It’s a tough gig being an event organiser. The constant stream of emails, cancellations, and last minute changes that all effect how smoothly things run on the big day. Any small but significant detail overlooked can be the difference between... Continue Reading →

How to afford sports photography at 1,000+ participant events?

The bottom line of large sporting events is being pushed all the time. Sponsorship and grants are becoming scarcer. So, what do you do when everyone wants a memory from your event but you can't afford professional photographers? Let’s look... Continue Reading →

Why your partner doesn’t come to horse events.

Most guys, like me, need a purpose. We need a function in life, and we need to feel that what we do is important. When my wife obsessively took up the sport of eventing, it quickly became apparent that during... Continue Reading →

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