Part 3: Inspiring a community

I have a great belief in people. I believe that people are amazing and that we are capable of anything we set our minds to. Too often, in my view, photographers can be too solitary; they take photos, look at them on screen and never share them.

I wanted all photographers at these horse events to be able to share their photos quickly and easily so the participants had a great choice of photos.

I really believed that with some training, help with settings, learning from each others’ photos and some friendly teamwork, we could provide really great photography coverage of all the participants.

I wanted every photographer to feel what I felt about people loving their photos. I also wanted a great community aspect to photography at these sports events.

I also thought that photographers wanted something for their efforts; most of the photographers were at the event already (friends/family members of riders), and amateur photographers, not professionals, but some money per photo is always a bonus.

So I inspired a community of photographers at these events to upload and sell their photos for a small dollar value to the participants. These people are local photographers, parents, and partners of participants. Some are even both riders and photographers!



(c) Andy Edwards 2015, GeoSnapShot photographers in action!

Inspiring photographers to get out at the weekends and do something really useful with their hobby is a major passion.

I’ve created a platform that photographers can use for this purpose called GeoSnapShot. Currently, we have over 2,000 photographers worldwide and have supported over 7,000 events and given 10’s of thousands of people fantastic memories of their sporting achievements.

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Andy Edwards is a passionate photography, inspirational leader and believer in people. He’s created a unique photography platform that enables anyone with a camera to take photos that are precious memories of people’s lives.

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