Photographers are at the heart of GeoSnapShot and our mission is to connect you with event participants, so that they can share the joy of your photography.

Due to social distancing, most people are now working from home and we’re all seeing plenty of advice about how to stay healthy in isolation.

We’re being told that getting those happy endorphins firing is an important part of a healthy life.

Your photos can help people relive happy memories, have a laugh and crack a smile.

Here are some ideas to share the memories you have captured and monetise your photos, without leaving your home.

1. Create NEW events from archive photos

You may have photographed events previously and not yet listed those events on GeoSnapShot. Here’s your chance.

Ask the event organisers to help you to share the links so their participants can relive the memories from their fantastic events. The participants will love searching for themselves by selfie.

Important: To make sure people can find the event use the actual event date, not the date you upload the photos.

2. Update your GeoSnapShot profile page

Your profile page is a springboard to promote all the events that you have attended and listed on GeoSnapShot, here is an example.

Share, share, share!

Share your profile page to your social media channels.

Share or embed your event photos into your existing website.

Ask all your contacts to repost and tag someone who may be interested in viewing your photos.

What is GeoSnapShot doing to help?

Over the coming weeks, GeoSnapShot will be contacting previous photo buyers, prompting them to search for photos they may have missed of themselves via GeoSnapShot’s Face Recognition.

Additionally, we will be connecting with the event organisers, giving them the steps to promote the photos from their events as a great way to keep their participants engaged during this period.

We’re all in this together

Let your photographer friends know that they can use GeoSnapShot to sell their archived photos and that it’s subscription free!

GeoSnapShot offers unlimited photo uploads and no photo limits.

Your photographer friends can also monetise their archived photos.

We love hearing from you

Feel free to reach out to suggest other ways we can help you to monetise your photos.

Drop us a line at if you have suggestions or need a little assistance.

Stay safe and let’s keep supporting each other.

Andy Edwards
Founder and CEO GeoSnapShot