Your events are the lifeblood of the community, bringing people together and creating memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

With no events being run due to Covid-19, events are not generating any revenue and many are at a loss as to what to do.

GeoSnapShot has seen participant engagement and revenue for events across the platform, through the sharing and selling of archive photos, during Covid-19.

We can show you how this success has been achieved and help you to connect with your participants, grow your audience, and generate revenue.

GeoSnapShot is free to use for your archive photos. Use these tips below to start selling and engaging within minutes.

1. Engage participants & grow

Did you know that sporting equipment sales and online groups are booming right now? Some seasoned event operators are predicting a sports events boom after Covid-19.

It’s more important than ever to use this time to stay connected and grow your audience, so you are in a great position to launch again.

GeoSnapShot provides free photos from all of your events to enable you to connect with your participants, so they can relive and share their happy memories. 

Use these photos for your social media posts and emails to create light relief and update your audience about your latest news.

If you don’t know how to access your free photos, or share the GeoSnapShot link to the photos, reach out.

Tip: Be sure to include the GeoSnapShot link to the event photos, so your participants can upload a selfie and relive their memories.

2. Make extra income from past event photos

Do you have event day photos from past events? From before you started using GeoSnapShot.

Here’s your chance to put those archive photos to work and earn extra income. 

On GeoSnapShot:

  1. Create the past event 
  2. Upload the photos
  3. Share to the world


  • When creating the event on GeoSnapShot, use the actual event date (not the date you upload the photos). 
  • Consider offering a discount pack such as buy 3 photos and get 30% off.
  • Share the event link — or embed on your website the GeoSnapShot Photo Viewer. 

Encourage your participants to purchase a photo to help keep their favourite event operating. You will be amazed by their generosity — and your participants will love searching for themselves by selfie and reliving their memories.

Inspire your participants to share their purchased photos & hashtag your event. Your community will love sharing their happy memories and it keeps them connected to your event.

3. Get the NEW look GeoSnapShot 

We have been keeping busy and just launched our NEW look pages & features. 


  • Embed the GeoSnapShot Photo Viewer within your own website (just like you would do with a YouTube video).
  • GeoSnapShot Photo Viewer is fully customisable with your event colours & brand.
  • Easily brand your photos with the event and sponsor’s logo.
  • You can now have advertising space for sponsors that you can sell.

You can have FREE access to the new features right now. Just drop us an email to get started.

We’d love to hear from you and welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Stay safe and let’s keep supporting each other.