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10 tips to taking sports photos that sell.

When you attend events it’s important to have a plan in place to take great photos that sell. People want a great memory of their day. By practising and following these tips you’ll improve your photography and sell more photos! 1.... Continue Reading →

School photography: Don’t miss the memories

Every year schools have events like sports days, musicals and graduations. Parents and grandparents would love to have a keepsake photo of their child at these events. Unfortunately, in many cases, family members can't attend or no photos are taken as a special memory... Continue Reading →

Camera settings for sport photography 

At GeoSnapShot, we want to help you capture that perfect memory. There are no magic settings that work in every circumstance. However, the following settings are a great place to start for outdoor sports photography. Watch our videos on setting up your camera and taking... Continue Reading →

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